Business Models

Numeraxial's business analytics provides your business with the programs, procedures, and tools to draw meaningful insights from data. Our models allow you to create the road map to move forward with key measures of business performance, generate reports quickly, and add value to your business. We combine business strategy, advanced technology, and rapid execution to achieve desired business outcomes.

Predictive Analytics

Numeraxial has developed a comprehensive sophisticated predictive analytics platform that combines our proprietary algorithm with state of the art methodologies in econometrics, mathematics, and natural sciences. Get closer to your expected performance

Sentiment Analytics

We provide social media analytics using machine learning. Our unique algorithms enhance client business decisions and predictions. Our solutions are capable of mining and processing a variety of texts and numeric information sources by identifying keys words that are able to impact and add value to your bottom line

Emerging Markets

Numeraxial provides sophisticated review analyses of your emerging and frontier investments, including Alpha. We review country opportunities, risk factors, and exposures so you can gain control and reach your goals with full well-rounded knowledge of the market. The provide innovative risk support and decision-making tools.

Frontier Market Risk Analysis Regions include:

  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • South America
  • South East Asia